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I honour the place in you

in which the entire universe dwells,

I honour the place in you

 which is of Love,

of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace.

 When you are in that place in you,

 and I am in that place in me,

 We are One.

 ~ Ram Dass 


 Do You Dare

Preface of  "Travelling Inwards"


Love and peace surround me in the vast hollow of the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai. I sit in a meditative pose, alone and undisturbed. The silence presses into me like a holy presence, and permits my mind to drift back over the last hundred days, during which I met so many incredible souls in India. I see again each beautiful, smiling, caring face. I feel again the impact each one of them has had on my spiritual growth. They welcomed me with open arms even when they spoke no English and went out of their way to ensure that I had a safe and memorable journey.

Gratitude engulfs me as I ask Buddha to help me send my love and gratefulness to all these wonderful spirits for the life lessons they have taught me. How will I ever have the chance to pay the people back for their kindness? I ask aloud. My voice echoes and reverberates around the hollow dome. Then I gaze up at the Dhamma Wheel, searching for Buddhas guidance.

Write your journey as a story of your gratitude to India, a voice breaks through the silence; perhaps it is my inner voice, perhaps it is God. But either way these were the exact words it said.

I must be dreaming. I dont even know how to spell in English, and cannot even write my own résumé. How could I ever hope to write a book?

I moved the mountain for you, replies the voice

I sit speechless in silence, overwhelmed by the magnitude of this message. And then I realize with unwavering certainty that the generosity, compassion, and unconditional love of the Indian people is a story worth sharing with the world, and that I would find a way.

While this is a record of my adventures in India, it is also the story of my spiritual growth a journey inward, an attempt to look deeper and to find self-love that was made possible by all the extraordinary encounters I had in this amazing country.

The Indian people inspired me towards the self-realization that life was not all about me, but instead was about being a blessing to others. Before I travelled to India, I thought that focusing only on myself was normal behaviour. But God chose these kind-hearted human beings to teach me how to live a truly meaningful life; as I touch someones life, it eternally changes my world too.

I write this story out of gratitude and with the wish that it will be an inspiration to all those who read it.


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